Aerial view of solar energy farm in Townsville, Queensland


Sustainable steps in all aspects of the games

Goal for green

Brisbane 2032 is the first Games to contractually commit to being climate positive. The Games provides a public and compelling platform to accelerate Queensland’s continuing sustainability journey. With a goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and power Queensland with 70 per cent renewable energy by 2032, every Queenslander has a part to play.



net carbon emissions by 2050.

Beyond carbon neutral

Brisbane 2032 will be a climate positive Games, creating long-lasting environmental benefits and accelerating Australia’s transition to a net-zero emissions economy. All carbon-reduction and climate positive initiatives will continue to help elevate social, economic and environmental outcomes locally and globally.

Light shining through glass windows of large greenhouse dome with lush tropical plants inside
Three friends cycling together through the Brisbane Botanical Gardens
Group of people sitting on rocks at the bottom of a waterfall, surrounded by green, tropical rainforest
Zero Emissions electric Translink bus, with green leaves painted on the side

Climate positive goes beyond net-zero to deliver even greater environmental benefits.

Sustainability in practice

Sustainability strategies will continue to guide clear practical actions to achieve climate positive status for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Brisbane 2032 will address all 5 of the International Olympic Committee’s sustainability priorities which are beyond environmental. They include infrastructure and natural sites, sourcing and resource management, mobility, workforce and climate.

Low-angle shot of an apartment complex on a blue sunny day in West End, Brisbane
Solar panel technician with drill installing solar panels on house roof

At the forefront of sustainability.

Financing the future

Brisbane 2032 will continue to shape a brighter outlook for Queenslanders through investment in renewable energy and other initiatives. The impact of these actions will be measured using market leading monitoring and reporting to keep our sustainability ambitions on track. The Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be the first to have included a climate positive commitment in the Olympic Host Contract.

Aerial shot of farmland, with lush green paddocks and storage sheds
Man plugging in a power cord to charge an electric car



of venues are existing or temporary, reducing our environmental impact.

Young child holding a large leaf in front of their face



new Translink funded buses in South East Queensland will be zero emission from 2025.

Worker, wearing high-vis and safety equipment,  maintaining a solar panel