Games legacy

With all eyes on us as we gear up to host the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we have the unparalleled opportunity to seize this moment to create lasting benefits for our communities, environment, and economy. 

The benefits of staging this global event will impact not only Brisbane, Queensland and Australia but the wider Oceania region. It gives us an opportunity to make change by using the Games to advance our economy, improve the environment, enhance our connectivity and build more inclusive communities through sport.  

Elevate 2042 is the result of thousands of voices, from all walks of life and it represents our shared 20-year vision for a lasting Games legacy.  

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What is the Legacy Strategy?

The Brisbane 2032 Legacy Strategy, Elevate 2042, is the product of the collective effort of all of the Games Delivery Partners and is a unifying statement of our joint commitment to ensuring the catalytic effect of the Games drives lasting benefits beyond the Games themselves.  

Elevate 2042 is a guiding light that will keep our collective focus on the areas of our society, economy, connectivity and environment in which we wish to make the most significant change to be better, sooner, together through sport. 

Read the full Elevate 2042 legacy strategy here. We have also prepared an executive summary and an easy-read version.

You spoke. We listened.

Through community engagement the ideas received helped shape Elevate 2042 and built upon the foundation priorities set as part of our candidature for the Games. 

The Brisbane 2032 Hopes and Dreams survey invited people from across Queensland, Australia and the world to dream big and think about ways our region can be made even better by 2042 because we are hosting the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

The Brisbane 2032 Legacy Forum welcomed 500 Queenslanders and Australians from diverse regions and backgrounds to contribute big ideas with positive and long-lasting benefits for the community, economy and environment, using the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games as a launch platform. 

Nearly 14,000 ideas were generated through the consultation and were summarised in Elevate 2042: The Brisbane 2032 Legacy Consultation Paper and Survey before being shaped into our mission and vision.  

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Our guiding light

Vision statement

By 2042, we will live in an inclusive, sustainable and connected society, with more opportunities in life for everyone.  

Mission statement

To make our region better, sooner, together through sport  

Understanding a new kind of legacy

We are planning for a new kind of Games legacy, one that responds to the Olympic Agenda 2020+5. Central to this approach is the idea that the Games fit into the Host City and Region and not the other way around; and that their impact in the ten years before and the decade after aligns with its future direction.  

Legacy can be projects, policies, programs, initiatives or things that are any of the following: 

  • Based on a vision for the future you want to see,
  • Things that happen before, during or in the ten years after the Games,
  • Things that address genuine opportunities or significant challenges,
  • For the benefit of as many communities as possible, and
  • Can only happen because we are hosting the Games, made bigger and better because of the Games or happen sooner because of the Games.

Legacy is not: 

  • Things that would happen even without the Games,

  • Short term, or with benefits for only a small number of people,

  • Ideas that don’t have any relationship to the Games, and

  • Projects, policies, programs, or other initiatives that can’t realistically be delivered.

First Nations performers with traditional face and body paint at the Laura Quinkan Dance Festival

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Next Steps

Elevate 2042 will be a living document designed to evolve as the region grows and changes. We recognise what is important now may become more or less a priority, and new challenges or opportunities will emerge. To ensure flexibility, Elevate 2042 will be implemented in three stages.  

The next step in realising the Elevate 2042 vision is the development of the first-generation Implementation Plan (the Plan) that will drive delivery of early legacy activities up to 2029. This Plan, co-developed with the Games Delivery Partners, will identify priority programs, projects, targets and other initiatives which form the basis of the early impacts together with the policy levers, partnerships and funding sources that are available to advance them. It will establish the arrangements for monitoring impact and aligning outcomes to the wider reporting of benefit realisation.